Drug Discovery much Faster in days*

Medicines are getting more expensive to develop. These days, it takes about $1 billion and 10-12 years for a single new drug. Simulating millions of virtual medicines to find potential commercial candidates in weeks? That what we call truly transformative.

Our Solution: Drug Discovery much Faster in days*

Micar Innovation aims to change that by using all novel advanced approaches supported also by own drug discovery screen technology and GPU power to predict, in advance, which potential drug candidate molecule will work, and which won't. The same is valid for an innovative cosmetics active substance. Our technology can tell the difference between great drug candidates and toxic ones, and discover new uses for old medicines. The result is fewer test tubes, fewer experiments, fewer failed drugs. Just new and better medicines, faster. Micar Innovation can help discover and than predict the effectiveness of new potential drug molecules, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming physical synthesis and testing.

Short business model: Drug Discovery much Faster in days*

With Micar Innovation rapid growth comes opportunities for organizations seeking new medicines or cosmetics active substances to work with the company. Micar Innovation is now inviting proposals for drug discovery collaborations from both private and public institutions. The company is also actively recruiting in the multidisciplinary areas of big data, bio informatics, computational biology, molecular dynamics, molecular modeling, medicinal chemistry, sctructural biology, precise free energy calculations, business development, sales and partnerships.

Our Technology is not just what it looks like and feels like. Technology is how it works revolutionally. - Dimitar Dimitrov